I pray every night this is not true. Almost everyone I know and love is vaccinated.

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"How will healthy unvaccinated people deal with variants potentiating ADE in vaccinees?"

You addressed the risk to the unvaccinated who've had prior mild infection. What is the risk of ADE to those who've never been exposed and have no innate immune training?


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I get the message behind this post but it’s difficult to understand. Please could you do a video with diagrams ( along the lines of Dr Been on YouTube and Odysee) to make it easier to fully understand for those of us with medical degrees but not a PhD in Immunology!

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My daughter is in grad school and applied for 50 summer internships and she was rejected because she wasn’t vaccinated. No one would respect her religious exemption. She was anxious and depressed. She got vaccinated with the J&J. I begged her not to get vaccinated and to wait but weekly Covid screening and job rejection was affecting her mental health. She got vaccinated 2 weeks ago. She got an internship, too. I pray everyday that she won’t get sick from the vaccine.

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Dr. Vanden Bossche has come through for us again with solid evidence-data, advice, life saving information for ourselves and our children. Dr. Vanden Bossche is arguably the world's top authority on this matter. His extremely complex argumentation has the ring of truth, and high level expertise. Contrast this with Fauci, "Get the shot, get boosted," ad infinitum, ad nauseaum.

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Feb 17, 2022·edited Feb 17, 2022

Geert, thank you once again for your insight and detailed explanation. As a retired scientist, I constantly ponder the lack of attention and understanding your information is being given and ask out loud, too many times, "what is wrong with these people that they don't get it ?" I have grave concerns for those who receive blood transfusion from well meaning vaccinated individuals and what the possible future effects will be to those who receive the gifted blood. I commend you in your persistence in attempting to educate. You are a true hero.

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From what I hear and see and search for, your predictions of more subsequent early deaths and susceptibility to other diseases is being seen right now by pathologist around the globe from the vaccinated who have passed, they are seeing very strange things in tissue samples, yet again any platform of media is denied. Innate immune systems are being eroded by these prototype vaccines.

I have struggled to understand the erroneous actions of many talented Phd , doctors, media and politicians, to be so polar opposite on pathways yet even when the data is showing one side is incorrect they do not see, are unwilling to see, or listen, my alarm bells are set to ringing loudly, as to why?

Then I can only conclude there is an ulterior motive to their continued dogmatic approach and that is totally scary, as what your eluding to Dr Geert I do believe we are on the cusp of a billion deaths or more.

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Always so brilliant , as it should be ,with your considered experience . Reading your thoughts , makes me think of Djokovic Novak unable to play with the world's best in his field due to bizarre politics. How overwhelmingly sad it must be for you not to be able to actively debate those so called experts in public health in order to have had the best "there could have been" for the pandemic . I believe those plain spoken truckers are having a butterfly effect -maybe a nudge for more to pull back some curtains and question what is really going on .

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Feb 17, 2022·edited Feb 17, 2022


Just listen to Doug Ford (2 minutes), Prime Minister of Ontario (Canada).


This is a dual citizen of Globalistan and Canada who has crushed resistance in his Province for 2 years.

He now admits on live TV that getting 1 shot or 10 shots won't help in this pandemic.

Something else must be going on in Globalistan that we're not aware of yet.

Anyway, don't count on Ontario to mandate "Vaccines" or "vaccine Passport" from now on. It's over in Ontario.

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I always feel a little smarter after reading one of Geert's presentations, even if I have to read it a few times to "get" even a part of it, and even if his assertions turn out to be incorrect.

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Great article. It is obvious to all, at this point, that just about everyone will get Covid and the real issue is REinfections.

On this front, things look bleak, especially for the vaccinated. I read /r/COVID19Positive subreddit and there is an alarming quantity of vaccinated people being reinfected literally every month.

Vaccinated people do not acquire any immunity due to their immune system being trained for Wuhan spikes, and upon challenge with a infection, produce more useless spike proteins. I wrote it a number of times too.


Thus, as soon as their interferons are depleted, they get reinfected again. I have a whole bunch of highlighted saved messages that I posted on twitter as @ichudov.

Some actually cannot clear the virus at all and just have low grade continual disease. It is not even "long Covid", it is just continuous Covid.

Since Covid spike (in the virus AND Covid Vax) does have some HIV motifs and depletes T cells, repeated infections (and injections) are like a battering ram against the basics of immune systems, so I am not optimistic about the future of these people.

You can think about these individuals as being colonized by Covid and being festering carriers of the virus.

Also be aware that Wuhan Covid as well as Omicron Ba.1 are lab products, very possibly results of developing a vaccine for/or a bioweapon, and do NOT act like a normal virus would.



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Fantastic and truly invaluable analysis, thank you so much Geert.

I too hope it is not so.

However, when you state: "I am afraid to predict that it will take a disaster before these hardened sinners become fully aware of all the harm they’ve been causing to our very own species." you don't appear to be considering the possibility that "these hardened sinners" as you call them were always fully aware, that in fact it was possibly always a goal.

I hope that too is not so, but evidence increasingly suggests it is.

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Or, you could just boost your innate immune system by going old school.


"During the sauna the body temperature is elevated to 102° F within 15 to 20 min. This causes dilation of blood vessels in the skin; it produced a loss of about 1 lb of weight due to sweating; it increased heart rate; and it reduced peripheral resistance [45], [46]. The hematological effects of sauna are increases in hemoglobin, white blood cell count, and platelets within normal limits [47]. Sauna also decrease the level of Serum C-reactive protein (CRP) [48], a marker of systemic inflammation. High levels of CRP, i.e., high levels of inflammation, could have an adverse effect on immunity [49]; while lower levels of CRP are associated with less systemic inflammation. There is evidence to show that sauna reduce the incidence of the common cold [50]. White blood cells were increased in a small study (n = 9) after a single session of Finnish sauna; the response was greater in athletes and included increases in neutrophils and monocytes [51]. A cohort study of Finnish sauna users demonstrated a decrease in systemic inflammation and oxidative stress [52].

Another advantage of heat treatments is that hyperthermia treatments result in high levels of IL-6 without activating IL-1-beta or tumor necrosis factor (TNF) [53] potentially preventing cytokine storms (dysregulated immune response) because an increase of IL-6 by itself seems to decrease inflammation [54]. The isolated increase of IL-6 is the way exercise decreases inflammation [55], which is the same way for fasting [56] and for plant-rich diets [57]. The effect of hyperthermia on the coronavirus infection by way of the interferon function seems to be optimal at higher temperatures, 104.9° F [58]. Hyperthermia induces the synthesis of gamma interferon in cell cultures [59]. In rhesus monkeys hyperthermia increased alpha interferon and non-interferon antiviral factors [60]. All this possibly counteracts the effects of the virus since interferon has the ability to slow or stop viral infections."

In the pre-antibiotic era, they would treat Syphilis by giving the patient Malaria to induce high fever and then treat the Malaria with quinine. It's pretty interesting and Dr. Seheult went over this early in his Medcram series. https://youtu.be/H1LHgyfPPQ8?t=171

Human monocyte stimulation by experimental whole body hyperthermia


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Dr. Vanden Bossche, can you please comment on this paper,


which seems to show that BNT162b2 prevents severe C19 disease by inducing tolerance in the innate immune system to the spike protein? If that's the case, won't vaccinees be left in the face of infection (and repeated re-infection) by Omicron and future escape variants with:

1) a suppressed innate immune response

2) non-neutralizing spike ABs due to OAS

3) only a T-cell response to rely on to clear infection

4) T-cell exhaustion or depletion after repeated re-infection

Also, I was not able to follow the reasoning of the following statement in the current article:

"However, the high incidence of disease across a wide variety of vaccinated age groups is likely to drive a massive surge in the population’s anti-Omicron Ab titers. A large peak of anti-(Omicron) S [anti(O)S] seroprevalence could cause high population-level immune pressure on viral infectiousness. "

Are you saying that, despite OAS, vaccinees will produce new, Omicron-specific Abs?

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The rules in vaccinology have been blatantly broken. The evidence is for all to see.

The constitution has a been subverted and defiled.

The people have not been broken . We keep calm and carry on.

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You mentioned that unvaccinated people who have had the SarsCoV2 and recovered will not be at increased risk of future more virulent strains. What about those of us who are unvaccinated but haven't had a previous infection?

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