Geert. I hope that you are in touch with Christine Anderson of the EU Parliament. Thank you

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And in the end...Nature rules.

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Oh well, the only thing that would happen if this were to occur is blaming the unvaccinated for some ludicrous reason

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I'm not so sure that those who have been sucked into the COVID cult will have their eyes opened by a the emergence of a new virulent strain. The WHO and its allies in the quest for total control will invent some "scientific" excuse and the zombies will quite likely once again believe and obey.

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They will continue to blame the unvaccinated even in the face of the undeniable truth. They are morally degenerated so they have no choice.

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With every development, I am further convinced that this was a planned depopulation exercise. I say this, because I truly do not believe that our scientific community is this stupid or naïve, but I do believe many who are and were involved are plain evil.

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Trust us Geert, we here know indeed the hideous failures on the part of the WHO to understand anything.

It is deliberate. They are not a medical organization. They are a POLITICAL organization, completely run by Gates et al.

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Thank you Geert for pointing this out for us!

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Incompetence or is it that they don’t care about the harm because of the potential profit that the new vaccines will bring? My experience when I worked at big pharma was that they didn’t care. It was always about the money! Sell, sell, sell. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter if it’s harmful. I think that they know exactly what they are doing. And they knew about natural immunity as well. How could they have not known? It’s basic biology.

The WHO is lead by a former terrorist. Let that sink in!!

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Geert when you warned about the Ebola ring trials killing people did you know that Bob Malone designed those trials and crowed on his CV about making Merck $200m?

Did you guys discuss this on those ridiculous Headwinds episodes at all?

Also, was Ebola another manmade pathogen used by the military to test on subjects?

Thanks, Geert. This post has a lot of complicated, specialized language as always. Lots of theories.

What must it be like to have such a specialized skillset of knowledge and to have so much difference of opinion amongst your peers? It must be hellish in a way. I've clocked you STEMS so closely. Leading the world off a cliff.

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I was in the company of Vaxxers yesterday ... and I brought up the topic of illness because I have been hearing that loads of people have been very sick in this highly vaxxed (over 90%) community over the past 6 months or so.

5 people were in the group - they were all physically fit - 30-40 very active ...

2 said in the past two months they had a very severe flu -- off work for nearly two weeks -- felt like I was gonna die for some of those days - worst flu every

1 (22 yr old) said he and his girlfriend were off work for an entire week - bed-ridden - again worst flu ever

1 - who was still sniffling and coughing a little... has been sick for nearly two months continuously -- he expressed despair and confusion as to why he was not getting better

1 - he said he has not been sick

I know for a fact the first 4 are boosted - the 5th person is new to town and I do not know him well - no idea of his vax status.

They also mentioned that most of their friends are also coming down with this 'worst flu ever that's going around'... this flu seems to be going round -- continuously ... my wife has been telling me about how short they are of staff due to sickness... for nearly 6 months now.

Nobody in the group suggested the vaccines might have anything to do with this -- I wonder if the guy who cannot overcome the sickness thinks he has Long Covid.... or perhaps they suspect the vaccines but are fearful of acknowledging this because that opens the Pandora's Box of horrors....

I cannot ask because they know I am not Vaxxed and might take it the wrong way...

It would be interesting if someone could infiltrate the Vaxxers -- claiming to be a multi booster... and also claim to be experiencing repetitive severe flu like illnesses 'since the boosters' and blame it on the shots... and see what the other Vaxxers say.

Something wicked is brewing

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It's worse. Far worse. It's not that the WHO lacks an understanding of the immunological dynamics triggered by its mass vaccination program. It's that they DO understand. And are doing it anyways.

"Lacking understanding" communicates a level of innocence. Understanding and doing it anyways communicates a level of guilt. And they are guilty. Which makes them evil. Not innocently misunderstanding what they're doing. Evil gets dealt with much differently than innocent misunderstandings.

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Big Pharma isn't looking for cures; rather, they are looking for recurring revenue

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And there’s still a push by some for the US to join the WHO’s pandemic treaty. Kill me now.

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Geert, it's not incompetence.

They are trying to kill us, Geert.

Your old pals at Gavi and Bill and Melinda and WHO. They are trying to cull the herd, brehh....

WHO and Bill did Tetanus infertility testing in Kenya. Did you know that, GVB?

Do you ever play the piano, GVB.?

I noticed that you had a piano in your interview with Del. I think you should bust out a mean version of "Greensleeves" and post it here.

Please? 🎼🎹

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They do know what they are doing.

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