I’ll have to read this when I’m not so tired. Thank you, sir. You can sleep with a good conscience every night knowing you’ve done all you could to warn anyone and everyone. “He who has ears, let him hear.”

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Thank you Doctor! Do you have any thoughts on this article? https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.04.28.22274443v1

Are the unvaccinated being somehow sickened or even vaccinated by shedding? Is shedding dangerous?

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I would also like to know more against possible shedding and any associated dangers for the unvaccinated.

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I would love understand this concept better too.

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Yes thats a good article! I'd love to get Dr. Vanden Bossche's thougts on it in terms of whether or not unvaccinated are now essentially vaccinated and if so will that population no longer develop N antibodies.

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I wonder if the unvaccinated would also develop antibodies to the shed antibodies?

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Greetings, Dr. Vanden Bossche. I've been following your work for more than a year (before Delta in the U.S. and Omicron worldwide), and have one question: At this stage of the pandemic, what is the potential risk for those who have NOT been vaccinated and never contracted any of the variants? I've had bloodwork done to detect antibodies, with negative results. Should I be worried about the next strains to emerge? (I am on your recommended regimen of Vitamin D3, quercitin, tumeric/curcumin, plus zinc, all daily.)

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I am not vaccinated and had covid for the first time in March. I am overweight at the moment and have two small kids so could not rest properly when ill. I followed the FLCCC protocol (taking ivermectin as well as everything you are taking), and I feel it really helped. I was not very ill - it didn’t go near my chest, really. Just bad sinus and throat symptoms, as well as muscle aches and night sweats. If you need help getting some ivermectin I am happy to recommend an online source. I replenished my supply as soon as I could post-recovery in case of new variants. Best wishes.

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Glad you are better. Yes if you could supply that IVM info that would be helpful. I could get it at an independent doctor clinic nearby but they are charging around $1500.00 for each course of treatment. I would like some for hubby. 75 with comorbidities. Had the JNJ. I’m unjabbed but had a mild alpha Covid early in 2021. Have been exposed to subsequent variants but never got infected again. I’m extremely healthy for my age.

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Certainly ripping patients off.

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My ivermectin weekly has cost 125$ & 79$ for 30 days with insurance. Compounding pharmacies.

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May 4, 2022·edited May 5, 2022

Well done on keeping yourself very healthy! I am on a straight path back to my normal weight now too thank God!

I am getting IVM from a clinic in London called “The Natural Doctor,” run by Dr.’s Nyjon Eccles and Anna Forbes. I don’t live in the UK but a phone consultation sufficed for the prescription. The IVM itself is shipped from a compounding pharmacy in Greece. The phone consult was around £120, and the IVM itself very cheap. They charge only £50 or so for a repeat prescription. I was prescribed 40 caps which sufficed as both prophylaxis and a course of treatment when I did catch Covid. The capsules are made to order based on your weight.

I was so glad to get my hands on it. Here in Ireland I do know a GP who will prescribe it for covid but it is almost impossible to get the actual medicine in a pharmacy, even with the prescription.

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Thank you! I have a sister living in Ireland. She is totally brainwashed. Tried an intervention on me about the jabs. Did not go well. Another sis has disowned me. I live in illinois. I may go to Mexico later in the year and could get some there too.

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May 4, 2022·edited May 4, 2022

I think it’s worth doing what is necessary to have it on hand, considering what lies ahead, according to GVB.

That’s very nice to hear that your sister lives here! I regret to say that the whole country seems to think similarly in terms of vaccine compliance. There are very few unvaccinated adults here.

My immediate family were extremely concerned for me before my infection. I lived through two years of lockdowns and intense brainwashing by the government here. Most people were frightened into accepting the series of jabs.

Now my quadruple-vaccinated mother is suffering from long covid and continuous viral infections. She won’t hear a bad word said about her “scientifically-trained” doctor who continues to give her useless advice. My mum has full faith in the title that this person holds. Sorry for the rant. I’m sure you have many similar stories. It is sad when it is our own loved ones who are so trusting.

One of my brothers is a medical doctor and accepted the vaccine as he didn’t have time to really look into it, between work and study for exams. I have more time on my hands than he does. When I sent him materials to read he found them less trustworthy than the voice of his elder

colleagues at the hospital in which he works.

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I wish I knew the secret to breaking through to those who want to believe in the lies. I do have some loved ones who woke up, but I don't know what made the difference between those who did and those who didn't. If anyone ever figures this out, I'd really like to know!

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If you are in the US can't you procure it from the FLCCC? I have not obtained any ivermectin and have not gotten covid, that I know of. My daughter and her three toddlers came over in ..... February? or March? for a fun very long arrived early visit, they only live 30 minutes away, but it was a fun time to frolic with the grand babies. Anyway, the oldest was not interested in lunch time. By around 2:30, my daughter said she was not feeling so great. Hubbs and I gathered the tots and buckled them each in their car seat with a stuffy and a sippy cup. I made my daughter a huge mug of peppermint tea and black tea mix (our favorite for driving home feeling lousy) and they made it home. My daughter went to the local clinic and was tested positive for covid. Over the next two weeks they were all from beginning to end, her husband included sick as dogs. fevers sore throats.

Hubbs and I did not get sick as all.

Both of us are 66 years old. We never got too OCD about the covid, I am a former nurse and this whole thing .... ::::shaking my head::::

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I heard a couple of states are selling Ivermectin over the counter now! Maybe Tennessee and New Hampshire?

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Yes, the 'interventions' are both frustrating and amusing. When someone who has no idea is adamant that their target - a person who is likely well informed and thinking - should listen and do what they're being told. A case of the blind, deaf and dumb trying to lead the alert, awake and thinking.

And, the anger that often follows a rejection of their coercive attempt to persuade is more than a little hard to absorb without reaction. But, try we must.

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I would get the horse paste or liquid 1% injection. You don't inject it tho. It's about 1.9ml per 200lbs. I think you can find out more info Frontline Doctors site. I would definitely want some of that in my corner; especially after Geert's appearance on The Highwire.

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Thanks. I’ll look into this. Especially for my husband. He has co-morbidities. Also took JNJ but won’t booster.

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Are you in the US? I have a pharmacy (an independent, compounding) that will mail it to you.

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Do they require an rx?

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Yes. I’m in USA.

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Comment deleted
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Don't be afraid of the pony paste or 1% equine injectable. I hate hay now but its really not so bad lol. The PP is pretty easy as the weight is on the plunger. The 1% injectable is to be taken ORALLY about 1.9cc/ml per 200lbs of body weight.

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Comment deleted
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Bout 1.9ml/cc for 1% injectable per 200lbs I believe. Shit worked like charm. I had a fever of 103 and didn’t really know it. I felt I was coming down with it the night before. But damn the next day my lungs felt like there was fiberglass in them. I said enough and within 2 hours my fever was at 100. Then next day my lung pain lifted. This was in January so probably Omicron. I’m in very good shape and eat well (low carb) which I heard sugar feeds viruses. Wasn’t nothing to play around with. For the record I did make some very strong southern pine needle tea but I puked it up lol. It was the IVM no doubts in my mind. This will be how they try and lock us down again. Except this time the virus will have a high kill rate. We must be ready to counter strike. This will be our window of opportunity.

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May 4, 2022·edited May 4, 2022

Speaking of antibodies, i have read that antibodies are a second layer of defense and are created only if the innate immune system needs help. If this is so, antibody testing might not tell you if you had anything. If I'm totally off-base here, please correct me.

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I just heard Dr. Mark Hyman a functional medical Dr.( Cleveland Clinic) and he has been going against the narrative for years when it comes to human health and care( Some humans are just ahead of their time) saying on a Podcast that you could get your antibodies tested 3 times a day and 3 different places and all be read different? Whose to know, I feel if we really listen to our own internal gut (providing the microbes are healthy to alert our brain) aka our innate gps ,it will help steer us down the path that works on the best road to take. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we are all on this page together, trusting Dr. Vanden Bossche in his field of expertise too.

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May 4, 2022·edited May 5, 2022

T-Cell immunity doesn’t necessarily show up in regular blood work, because antibodies only circulate in the blood for a few months. I know a guy right now, unvax’d, who just got Covid for the first time. He isn’t even very sick, is working right through it! (At home, of course.) Still seems to me that natural herd immunity is the way to go, if you still can.

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What!?! Not try an experimental vaccine that provides -- er -- some protection against severe disease and -- ah -- lasts for at least a couple months before you need a booster and has unknown and unknowable long-term side effects? Have you no faith in modern medicine? 😎

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Can you please advise where you have read Geert’s recommendations for improving your immune system and do you know if he has recommended anything for reducing damage from the vaccines?

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You could try the FLCCC protocols. They can even put you in touch with a doctor to assess your individual situation.

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yes they will.

My very own doctor follows the FLCCC protocol and when I was exposed with an adorable house full of soon to be very sick grand visitors and daughter, she sent me the instructions immediately.

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Thanks for that. Yes I have seen the FLCCC protocols. This is for my headstrong teenage daughter who unfortunately never believed these jabs were harmful and is not particularly keen on taking anything I give her that may help (because she thinks she's fine and doesn't need to take anything). We discovered recently that she does have a mild level of fat on her liver however the doctor doesn't know why despite her being lean and having a healthy diet (yeah ok). I'm trying to find the most common recommended supplements for reducing damage/potential damage from these jabs, detoxing and improving the immune system. She already takes 500-1000mg vit C & 2000 units of D3 daily (not in summer time though) and does add zinc also when sick with a cold but I'm keen on getting other supplements. I'm not keen on getting a whole lot of supplements for different purposes when it could be a waste of money (as there is a limit to how much she will take). Really I was just wondering where Geert had talked about helpful supplements as (I'm new to his substack) I like to read on this topic from different sources - then I will have to hurry up and decide what to get! Unfortunately I don't think an appointment for my daughter will help when she does not want to be helped (I know she will definitely NOT be interested). Ps I live in Australia. I'd love to take her to a local naturopath to get advice. I also have nigella sativa seed oil 500mg capsules but I'm not sure how many she should take per day (says 2 per day but that is just for general health improvement).

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I found this a while ago, hope it helps…


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I understand it’s not all about antibodies in the longer term.

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I wish someone would take these articles and summarize them in layman’s terms.

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It has been done already. The entire 2019-2022 circus is summarized below:


Disclaimer of Liability ™

Whilst we endeavor to make our products toxic (1,291 side effects), we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about their efficacy and safety.

We cannot guarantee that your gene 144 won’t be deleted, your X / Y Chromosome won’t be inverted, your gene 69-70 won’t be deleted or mutated, that you may experience loss-of-function due to protein folding, that your gene E1, E3, E4 won’t be deleted, that you won’t receive shots full of magnetic graphene oxides, nano-biosensors and self-integrated bio-circuits (motherboards, transistors, routers, antennas, etc…).

We do not guarantee that you won’t be MAC Addressed as per Kagan Klaus Schwab’s instructions (COVID -19 is a rare but narrow window of opportunity to rethink, reinvent, reset our world), that your Cancer Fighting CD8 T Cells won’t be suppressed.

By using our products you agree that you automatically become legally a trans-human and therefore our property since you are GM-modified using our patented mRNAs (CERTIORARI 12–398).

Trans-humans do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state and this applies worldwide. Our patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.

Any reliance you place on our products is therefore strictly at your own risk.

We care,

CEOs Murderna & Schizer.


Dr. Red Pill Fact Checker: They make sh$t!

 Schizer (1minute video)


 Murderna (1minute video)


 Micro-Tech in COMIRNATY Quackcine – New Zealand D SOS


 How to Detect your MAC Address (e.g: “Pfizer borg 00:00:5e:00:53:af”)


 Micro-Tech Patents (50) – Charles Lieber – Caught!


 Covid-19 Quackcines Worldwide Democide - 1,291 Side Effects – Schizer Approval Document Reveals


 Suppression of Cancer Fighting CD8 T Cells - 100% of People Tested pre and post Covid-injections.


 Safe and Effective: 16 German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Dropping Dead.


 Schizer Massive Data Fraud: Time to Lock Them Up!


 How Bad is my Batch?


 The Covid Lies of the Century


 Murderna Quackcine Patented 9 Months Before Plandemic on 2019-03-28


 Covid-19 Plandemic Blueprint – RKM Lockstep 2010 Report.


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I know, the immune system is so complex that I think it's hard to put into layman's terms. In my view, GB is getting better at explaining things more simply. He's probably writing this for people who can understand it.

I think in caveman's terms, omicron specific vax bad. Early treatment good. Uh.

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Hallelujah! I said the same thing. 👍

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May 9, 2022·edited May 9, 2022

you can watch thehighwire.com interview he just did with Del Bigtree. Del translates into layman's and provides graphics.

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Thanks, do you have a link?

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May 9, 2022·edited May 9, 2022

Hi, I thought the link appeared, but if you go to thehighwire.com, you'll see it's the last episode from this past Thursday. The interview was the week before. I sure hope his latest prediction is wrong.🥴

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"In Newspeak there is no word for 'Science." George Orwell, 1984

Thank you, Dr Vanden Bossche...humanity thanks you, too!

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Dr Vanden Bossche - thank you. I took one Jansen shot, April 2021. Under duress both personally and professionally. I knew it was a bad idea and have taken health supplements to try to reduce any long term damage. I had a very mild cold in 2022 January, which tested as positive for Covid since my daughters were forced to test for it to stay in school. They are not and will not be given these shots, ever.

Question - what is long term health outlook for someone with one shot adenovirus vector concoction, and subsequent (nearly a year later) mild Covid infection?

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There is no long term outlook:


1. Every country on the planet is on board with the Injections. Even Sweden. When have all countries aligned on any issue? Never.

2. Not a single MSM outlet is interviewing any of the expert dissenters – Yeadon, Bridle, Montagnier, Bossche etc… and the mainstream social media platforms are blocking them.


Conventional Oil peaked in 2005 http://www.euanmearns.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/C-Cdec141.png

Shale in 2018.

According to Rystad, the current resource replacement ratio for conventional resources is only 16 percent. Only 1 barrel out of every 6 consumed is being replaced with new resources


Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns Financial Times.

Preface. Conventional crude oil production may have already peaked in 2008 at 69.5 million barrels per day (mb/d) according to Europe’s International Energy Agency (IEA 2018 p45). The U.S. Energy Information Agency shows global peak crude oil production at a later date in 2018 at 82.9 mb/d (EIA 2020) because they included tight oil, oil sands, and deep-sea oil. Though it will take several years of lower oil production to be sure the peak occurred. Regardless, world production has been on a plateau since 2005.

What’s saved the world from oil decline was unconventional tight “fracked” oil, which accounted for 63% of total U.S. crude oil production in 2019 and 83% of global oil growth from 2009 to 2019. So it’s a big deal if we’ve reached the peak of fracked oil, because that is also the peak of both conventional and unconventional oil and the decline of all oil in the future.

Some key points from this Financial Times article: https://energyskeptic.com/2021/the-end-of-fracked-shale-oil/

Shale boss says US has passed peak oil | Financial Times https://www.ft.com/content/320d09cb-8f51-4103-87d7-0dd164e1fd25

Our fossil fuel energy predicament, including why the correct story is rarely told https://ourfiniteworld.com/2021/11/10/our-fossil-fuel-energy-predicament-including-why-the-correct-story-is-rarely-told/

SEE PAGE 59 - THE PERFECT STORM : The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel https://ftalphaville-cdn.ft.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Perfect-Storm-LR.pdf

“The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index. “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression. https://www.ft.com/content/9ac5eb8e-4167-4a54-9b39-dab48c29ac6c

Collapse Imminent: https://thephilosophicalsalon.com/a-self-fulfilling-prophecy-systemic-collapse-and-pandemic-simulation/

The Illusion of Stability, the Inevitability of Collapse http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2021/09/the-illusion-of-stability-inevitability.html

Fed is sharply increasing the amount of help it is providing to the financial system https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/23/fed-repo-overnight-operations-level-to-increase-to-120-billion.html Banks did not trust each other - similar situation when Lehman collapsed

Oil Gluts – do NOT indicate we have found more oil. We just pumped what’s left too fast.

Summary In 2019 a second Perfect Storm was approaching – the central banks had been doing ‘whatever it takes’ for over a decade…. Essentially nothing was off the table --- throw the kitchen sink at pushing GFC2.0 into the future. In 2019 the guns were blazing but the beast was no longer held at bay…

What do you do when you are burning far more oil than you discover --- and your efforts to offset the impact of expensive to produce oil push you to the edge of the cliff? You can accept your fate and allow the beast to shove you into the abyss…. Or you can take the ‘nuclear option’ and shut down as much of the economy as possible, preserve remaining oil and pump in trillions of dollars of life support to keep the system feebly alive.

Punchline: The problem global leaders face is that if you unleash the nuclear option without some sort of cover, the sheeple and the markets would be thrown into a panic and you risk blowing things up prematurely. So you need a reason for putting the global economy on ice --- one that does not spook the masses – one that is big enough to justify such epic amounts of stimulus and extreme policies --- and one that allows you to explain ‘this is just temporary – once this is gone --- we will get back to normal’

A pandemic is the perfect cover.

End Game – Covid was foisted on us as cover for the response to peak oil (if we don’t slow the burn oil prices go through the roof and we collapse) but it is also being used to convince billions to be Injected. The Injection is meant to cause extremely deadly variants similar to Marek’s .. only worse because we are deploying into a pandemic https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/tthis-chicken-vaccine-makes-virus-dangerous.

“Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.” https://www.voiceforscienceandsolidarity.org/videos-and-interviews/international-vaccine-expert-geert-vanden-bossche-speaks-up-again

French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier called mass vaccination against the coronavirus during the pandemic “unthinkable” and a historical blunder that is “creating the variants” and leading to deaths from the disease.

Imperfect vaccines can make a virus more prevalent and more deadly. some questions on covid vaccines and their policy implications. https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/leaky-vaccines-super-spreads-and?s=w

The Vaccines and Boosters will Result in a Catastrophic Outcome - From a scientific viewpoint it is, therefore, difficult to understand how booster immunizations using vaccines which are not evolution-proof could prevent a highly mutable virus from escaping neutralizing anti-S Abs while driving the pandemic in a catastrophic direction, both in Israel and worldwide. How can the WHO stand by and watch as this additional experiment unfolds, soon to be followed by other countries? https://thehighwire.com/videos/vaccine-expert-warns-of-covid-vaccination-catastrophe/

The Vaccines ARE causing Mass Death https://metatron.substack.com/p/covid-requiem-aeternam?s=r

If you have a large pool of hosts that all have the same fixation, then you have a large number of individual labs in which to have such a mutation occur. You have far more hosts in which to have random chances occur, all selecting for a mutation that attacks one specific weakness and that weakness is in most of the population, so once it’s out, there is no stopping it. And if this fixation prevents the hosts from developing strong new immunities based on these novel pathogens, this becomes iterative. you get wave after wave of pandemics until you wipe out the susceptible population. https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/homogenizing-herd-level-antigenic

The reason for this is that 8B people need cheap energy to live. They would starve without it. And 8B people without food would result in epic starvation, violence, rape and cannibalism. Industrial civilization ends soon after peak oil. Unfortunately we also have 4000 spent fuel ponds that will boil off and release toxic substances for centuries. These facilities cannot be controlled with computers and energy. So even the few remaining hunters and gatherer tribes will die as they consume these toxins in the food, air and water.

The PTB understand all of this and that is WHY every leader is on board with the Injections. There is NO way out of this --- so they have decided to mitigate the suffering as much as possible by putting us down and here is the mechanism https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/post/why-the-ongoing-mass-vaccination-experiment-drives-a-rapid-evolutionary-response-of-sars-cov-2.

Also note – when BAU collapses the PTB will not be insulated from the violence or starvation – or the spent fuel ponds. They will be scapegoated and targeted by violent hordes. There system of power collapses with BAU so their protectors abandon them (or worse – turn on them). They have chosen to go down with the ship rather than be skinned alive by angry mobs who will be blaming them for the fact that their families are starving.

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May 5, 2022·edited May 5, 2022


All countries exempt Denmark who is the first to end the vaccine madness!

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And then we'll see fables about how they made a huge mistake and all their vax injuries etc will be blamed on stopping the boosters... See what happens!!!

And the CovIDIOTS will rush out for more boosters

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I understand at least some of the concerns over these items and still learn more about them all the time. Perhaps I should have said 25 year outlook? All joking (and larger problem sets) aside, I am just curious if there is a way to actually recover the health of one’s immune system?

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Dr McCullough mentioned at a meeting last week that he feels our bodies may slowly degrade the spike but not with recurrent vaccination.

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No more vaccines, so that’s one part good! Thanks

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If one tries something and it doesn't work - clearly the "scientific" response is to just keep on trying "it" over and over again - NOT.

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Thank you Geert for a succinct summary of a very complicated issue.

Bottom line, if you're unvaccinated, stay so, and if you've been vaccinated, don't get anymore shots - particularly any Omicron specific shot.

Either way, continue to pressure your elected representatives to ensure freedom of choice. Cheers.

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You had previously posted that getting omicron can restore a vaccines' immune system to virgin status. What changed?

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My question exactly!

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I don't recall that and can't find anything in his articles here on Substack that indicate that.

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It is on this substack with a different title "The way out" on December 10. I would like to know why he seems to have changed his position on this.

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Thanks for the article name. I struggle to understand much of the science Vanden Bossche lays out. Maybe the change is five more months of data showing that immunity in vaccinees is not recovering.

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Yes, thanks, me too. I wish he would explain it! I was hopeful after reading that in December.

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I hope he does.

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Yes! This was the question I had too. Why is it now that vaccinees are destined to a lifetime of susceptibility vs having some chance to have a recovery, of immune function? I had one J&J shot April 2021, then Covid very mild in January 2022. I would like to think I can do right by no more shots and healthy food/sleep and hope that for others too.

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It would be really valuable, if the author elaborated more on the thesis that SC2 virulence is S-NTD dependent, while infectiousness is S-RBD dependent.

It seemed to me that the virulence is S1/S2 cleavage site dependent feature because better cleavage of the SARS-CoV-2 S protein enhances viral fusogenicity, cell-to-cell fusion and syncytia formation, which results in increased pathogenicity. The NTD and RBD are parts of S1, but S1 is ACE2 dependent, and this can hardly enhance virulence. However, enhanced cleavage, better S2 to membrane fusion and dependence on TMPRSS2 shows no need for ACE2 or S1 interaction. It can rather be hypothesized that immune pressure on S-NTD and S-RBD promotes cost effective immune evasion mutation in S1/S2 fusion site since any mutations to S1 would be more costly to the virus. A least painful or more cost effective modification is even single introduction to S1/S2 fusion site, like P681R.

It would be also worth if the author introduced some more viral proteins in his analysis of virulence, because without Nsp1, ORF8, ORF3b, ORF6, ORF7a, ORF9b and ORF9c and glycans it is weird to talk about increased virulence when the major immune evasion proteins are neglected.

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking, almost.

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Why shouldn't this be proven first in animal studies? What happened to the science steps where you first prove your hypothesis in animal studies? How is it that the sheeple are so eager to be the test subjects for a corrupt pharmaceutical system that is clearly not upholding the laws that were put in place. FDA has become a kangaroo court.

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The Medical Mafia in Action - Offering Isotropic Humanicide Services Worldwide


AHA = Assisted Humanicide Association

AMA = American Murder Association

CDC = Center for Death and Corruption

DIC = Drugs Industrial Complex

DHS = Defense for Humanicide Services

FDA = Fraud and Death Association

HHS = Holistic Humanicide Services

MD = Most Deplored

NIAID = Novel Inquisition for Allergic and Infectious Dogmas

NIH = Nihilism In Healthcare

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

WEF = World Enslavement Foundation

WHO = William Henry (III)'s Omnipotence

Dr. Red Pill Fact Checker:

 Glendale Adventist Hospital


 These people deserve the credit for the deaths of nearly a million Americans


 An open letter to Christi Grimm, Inspector General of the HHS


 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug.

 The sicker America is, the richer the Drugs Industrial Complex (DIC)

 No curing is allowed, ever. Treating symptoms assures recurring revenues.

 Natural healing methods are relegated to Quackery.

 An empire of Lies, Corruption, Degeneracy, and Death run by a Covidian Cult.

 The Federal Government Finally Admitted Corruption Crafted the COVID-19 Response


 The New Rules of Medicine


 The smallpox pandemic response was eerily similar to COVID


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I have followed you crom your first interview on Youtube!! I am so thankful for your updates! Please continue.you are single handedly keeping us in the loop as they WEAVE their story! (Retired RN)

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I don't know if Geert reads these comments - I have never seen him reply to any - does it matter ?

His best offering was the December 2021 reply to the child - that piece showed he can write in a non-scientific manner.

If I yell at someone that does not know English “the sky is blue!!” and keep doing so for months, they will still not understand it after 14 months.


It’s the responsibility of the truth teller to make that truth understandable to as many people as possible.

THAT is what a true teacher does - they find ways to communicate the same thing to as wide an audience as possible.

When you teach a class of 25 kids with a variety of needs and levels of education - you understand this.

Geert is talking to , not 25 , but thousands - he is a scientist NOT a teacher -

It is NOT my responsibility to become an expert in science so I can understand him - it is his job as a truth teller , to try to communicate his truth to as many people (of differing levels of education) as possible.

Parents expect that of teachers - why should we not expect that of scientists ? Geert is telling the truth , but only the elite can hear it -

I do not like elites holding the truth - it is no better than the the other elites fucking us all over for a few dollars more.

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Thank you.

I shared your first? Article about the shots and the variants.

I was amazed how friends just dismissed what you wrote.

I really appreciate all the time you have taken to share all your knowledge.

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I trust what you are saying. Please say “the vaccinated” or “vaccinated people.” In America we don’t use the word vaccinee. I want your message to be readily understood by all of us. Thank you for your immense hard work and dedication.

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What about the 'doomed', or is that too direct?

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Thanks GB! You are a gem. We are listening.

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