So, I found this very interesting...three things Amish don't like: government, public education and the health system...hmmm....three very big issues affected during this pandemic and three things that are definitely broken...the Amish make a great control group, that's for sure....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Juc1SsjFxVw

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Oh lord, a breathalyzer and lung chips. 🙄 They are getting creative....

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Re:- chronic covid -- in August 2021 I described this situation (on a, now deleted, substack I had) but as I am a little nobody only about 8 people saw it, and all likely forgot --- so what -- having foresight through applying logic and common sense or via scientific knowledge doesn't/didn't stop it happening --

This figures in the linked table are just approximations - the point is that it describes the broad principles of what will happen -


If I am right once again, and its only a layman's description of what Geert predicts anyway - so what - again - knowing the sky is blue doesn't convince the rest of the world about it being red.

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So....how are they going to make sure everyone gets a (false) positive on the new breath covid test?

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"“The US Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use authorization to the first Covid-19 test that spots chemical compounds associated with the coronavirus in breath, the agency said Thursday.”"

Why worry about food for the 1:5 children in America who go to bed hungry every night when we can have a cost plus, emergency contractor detect COVID breath. If only FDA could measure adverse events we'd have a tad more belief in their need for measurement tools.

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Acute Covid , Chronic Covid…no matter how you talk about it… remember it affects the cancer surveillance in our bodies… thus cancer is on the rise. Be aware and pay attention to any changes in our bodies.

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Summer is not going to be good, I think the US will be fine overall as they have large pockets of natural immunity, but man, Canada, Europe, we don't look good

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Thank you for all you do.

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This series you have put out is simply outstanding. Thank you sir.

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If you thought covid policies could not get more absurd, "Unvaccinated disproportionately risk safety of those vaccinated against COVID-19, study shows "


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Water the human right

not the corporate right


Apr 18

This posting may seem bleak but don’t be discouraged we are stronger than ever before, which also means we need to be more vigilant than ever before.

In some ways the pandemic has backfired on the power brokers. we have organized a significant portion of the population. Imagine the fear that must be generating in the halls of power. As any criminal that realizes they have left evidence at the crime scene they await the knock on the door. Do not be fooled though while waiting they are planning.

Can water crisis be made from/into a health issue, pandemic issue, of course remember a pandemic isn’t just about health.

Oil is in transition from main driver to second and third driver position. While oil will never be completely replaced electric/hydrogen and other forms of energy are replacing gasoline. Considering 60% of a barrel is auto related oil is in decline. 20 years from now the automobile picture will look much different.

We know other sources of revenue will be required for the oligarchs to maintain power.

The water crisis

This is actually happening now, micro plastics, pharmaceuticals in drinking water oceans and fish, contaminants, water diversion, unsustainable agriculture all related to the next gold rush,,,,,,water.

High demand products will be needed to replace the current high demand product, oil.

what better products than :



Both are critical to human well being. $We will pay any price$, obey any rule, sacrifice any non family member, betray any oath, to attain/maintain our person and those of our children and loved ones. its a terrible fact and our greatest weakness. Yes they would use it against us without hesitation.

Where does this all tie in.

The WHO has drafted a constitution which in times of pandemic they can use to take over a sovereign nation, Canada as an example.

The constitution drafted by the WHO, Bill Gates? actually circumvents the existing constitution of the sovereign nation signatory. In times of pandemic the WHO takes precedence. Consider they have defined what a pandemic is and they determine how each signatory must respond to their declaration Soon the 154 nations of the UN/WHO will vote to sign on to that constitution.

There are many reasons why this is important. By signing the constitution we as a people become comfortable with the idea of someone not elected running our nation. That someone is of course the power brokers behind the WHO Bill Gates. Odd he has bought up so much dry farmland. I could go on but,,,

Does that sound over the top.

Consider Mr. Trudeau called an election during the full outbreak of what is described as a pandemic in an attempt to solidify his power which he would then use to promote WHO/WEF agenda. We didn’t know his reasoning at the time, so it didn’t seem sensible, now we do know and it seems very clear.

Weekly Vaccination/ corporate control of water. Canada has 20% of the worlds fresh water.

While he did not achieve his end result, his government returned a minority. By aligning the NDP with Mr. Trudeau Mr. Singh has given Mr Trudeau the required power to cement the WHO constitution in Canada.

Mr Trudeau/Freeland/Singh have in fact been successful in negating 50+% of Canadians votes. They are planning ahead and are determined to win control.

Nothing is over the top.

When we think of pandemic lets start to think about water, the human right.


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