Dear Emily, unless you work for the alternative media, I would have no reason to trust you, and would kindly decline any interview if I would be a doctor. Ever since the pandemic started seeing what journalists have done and the horrendous amount of censorship forced on doctors telling the truth....I lost all of my trust in the legacy media. And there are hundreds of millions like me, I'm not the only one. If your intentions are sincere, why don't you call up Amazon, and ask them why is Dr. Geert V.B. the only book about pandemic censored? Why did they make it disappear? Is the evidence too powerful and to damaging for governments around the world? That would be my bet. If I were Dr.Geert I would want to see evidence of your true intentions before I would grant you an interview. But if you work for the alternative media, please accept my sincere apologies. Hopefully, some journalist from the mainstream media will read my message and think about it. Do you know how I found out that journalists all over the world were hiding the truth, and not doing the job they were supposed to do? It's because I was one of them, long time ago. I own debt of gratitude to Dr. Geert V.B. He was the very first one that put me on the right track. It is thanks to him that I started to do my own investigations just like in the good old days. I hope my message could serve as a wakeup call to other legacy journalists. Ask yourself one question: how would you like to be remembered by us, the people of your nation? I would like to close my message with a personal story that happened long time ago. I had the privilege to meet one of the most famous radio host for the evening news from Hungary. I will always remember his words: "when you hold that microphone you hold a great power in your hands. You can use that power to do great things, or you can use it to bad things to others. Never forget that."

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Clearly, his depth and breadth of knowledge is lacking or he is being funded. Geert, your predictions, having played out inreal time, have been spot on for 3 years...this is undeniable.

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Really not sure who you are witing too with both your book and your substack articles.

We your readers are the only ones trying to digest and champion your views.

But your content is written for men from Mars.

We, your substack readers are your only advocates.

Translate your science into layman English. Or what you do is all for naught.

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This was hard for my barely above average mind to follow. Nevertheless, I know you have to talk/write at that level when dealing with people who talk/write at that level.

What really bothers me is the arrogance many people have. Scientists are still learning about the immune system. A system that was doing its amazing business at the time of the Pharaohs and before. What arrogance for man to think that they can come up with vaccines manufactured in a laboratory that are superior to the natural immune system.

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Dr. This is Emily Barsh who wrote to you about a media appearance, via your website. Just wanted to say hello here. I hope to hear back soon(ish). Thank you

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I’m in the US—can’t buy it.

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Almost made the wrong call on this one.

I was one of the first to receive a digitized Amazon copy of the work. Still reading. So far I consider the manuscript a scientific work of art.

Sending for hard copy for my library. It is a historic work.

Humanity must recognize his work.

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Geert, Thanks for all your work and worry. The article is a little over my head but, as I try to understand it, there are a couple acronyms not previously defined in the article. I've noticed you've done this before in previous writings and articles. To help laymen like me understand your expertise, could you use the full term before you start using the acronym or just get rid of the acronyms altogether? Keep up the great work.

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Well, it would be great if we here in the USA could actually get a hold of the book, so we could follow/understand the review! Amazon cancelled my order of this book and I tried to get it on Kindle from Amazon UK, but even that doesn't work. No idea how to get it.

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I had to read the book three times before I felt I understood the main points. Please hire an assistant to go through any new manuscript and write out every single acronym. Please, pretty please with cherry on top.

Still, even in the first pass, I learned something very useful to me. The moment Fauci showed his dumb insolence toward HCQ, I found quercetin was a naturally occurring alternative, another ionophore for zinc. When I was exposed to Covid, version 1, in February 2021, I had been on Vitamin C&D, quercetin and zinc supplements for eight months. I never felt sick, had one conscious symptom. I awoke from an amazing fever sweat, absolutely drenched. Later on I had two antibody tests, both were negative. I was concerned that I had not developed any immunity to Covid.

Thanks to the book, I now understand that my cell based innate immune system, boosted by my supplements, activated Natural Killer cells and wiped out the Covid infection before it became productive. No antibodies were developed as the infection was wiped out by the quick response that caused the fever sweat. I have not had any symptomatic sickness since then. People I work with, jabbed, have had the the Omnicron virus. That means my cell based natural immune system has been further trained against new variants. Great book despite being hard to read. I'm feeling much better about things right now. (Well except for the prediction that Covid will end when the virus can not reproduce in the unvaccinated nor in the vaccinated due to their High Mortality Rate in the Immune Escape Pandemic.)

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Hello to you all! On May 13th there will be an international event for all of those who suffered from this horrendous last few years. The most visible victims are the ones dead or maimed by the shots and those who died from untreated cv or other infections and diseases, who did not fit well to the narrative.

But there are many of us who suffered in various ways - discrimination, insults, being outcast from the workplace, public life and places, or simply put in repeated lockdowns.

Could you please share if there is anything planned in your country / region / town? It would be interesting and we still have the time to use and improve creative ideas, so that it could not get silenced and would not go unnoticed.

Thank you all!

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Dear Dr. GVB, I just purchased your book from Amazon. I want a permanent record of your brilliant analysis. I believe that your book will be part of the historical record of these dark times. I encourage other supports to purchase your book.

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The virus has completely escaped the vaccine induced neutralizing antibody response and now it’s evolving towards overcoming the other branches of immunity humans deploy, as those are now its main opponents.

Trained innate immunity has the capacity to grow increasingly variant independent over time, as a subset of NK cells have the capacity to recognize patterns based on viral glycoproteins seen in viruses in multiple families: Herpes viruses, influenza, corona viruses etc.

SARS1 was more virulent than SARS2 and it has been found that it’s better at suppressing the interferon response. As this virus now evolves to become better at suppressing the interferon response again, you would expect that virulence is going to increase again too. The authors write: “Resilience towards interferon-mediated innate immunity is a hallmark of virulence and pathogenicity in coronaviruses and many other viruses.”

Without the social distancing and the vaccination experiment we would have had a wave of disease followed by herd immunity. This was possible because genetic diversity of the virus was very low. In addition the virus was not optimized for human infection, it would have to compete for hosts with viruses that are much better at infecting us, as they have been infecting us for generations.

The vaccines gave rise to new variants, apparently as soon as the vaccination trials began. Eventually the vaccines developed negative efficacy against infection in late 2021, followed by provoking a tolerogenic IgG4 antibody response, with some people even showing signs of T cell exhaustion following repeated boosting.

We now live in a brave new world where people constantly get reinfected by this virus. There is no good reason to expect it will eventually behave like a hCov. To illustrate this, I will show you the number of COVID patients admitted to the hospital:


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Is there any way to purchase this book in Australia??? Having great trouble 🤷‍♀️

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It's back on USA Amazon! Just ordered my copy! Keeping fingers crossed they don't cancel it again like last time.

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