Round and round

The treadmill spins

And each day

Strife it brings

Challenges and chaos

Problems to face

And novel solutions

We embrace

So it spins the treadmill

Around it goes

Quarrels, drama

Disorder, foes

Profits, patches

Band-aids, facts

Directed in secret

By financial pacts

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Clearly you are correct on the current status. Authorities won’t admit it, yet are calling for “ more precautions “ like masks again, vaccines etc which shows that it’s not finished, not endemic & not well controlled. It’s probably just a ticking time bomb & we will only know once deaths really surge, they still won’t admit it & will just take the route of “ We need to vaccinate harder & harder “. Society has real problems when we can’t even be honest, transparent or admit mistakes, etc.

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Absolutely GREAT WORK Dr. Vanden Bossche- and you have taught me much. You are truly an all time hero and have been spot on since this madness begun .

Sadly I am not very optimistic that the evil doers will ever wake up or listen.

Agenda 2030 and the depopulation plan are clearly winning to date.

All the best and thank you for all you have done .

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Money and control is more important to the leadership than the health of the people . Thank you GVB. Hopefully truth will be realized.

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Do you think it is inevitable that a deadly variant will emerge? So far it has not happened but is there a way we can avoid it?

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Love your work Geert.

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Something kind of eerie happened recently. I was out of town and my husband texted me the latest info on the BA.2.86 variant. I immediately texted him back saying, “The Geert Variant” and at that same second received another text from him saying the exact same thing! We’ve never used that phrase before but both read and listen to anything Geert puts out.

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This is not “immune escape”. This is injury or death by injection. The injections destroy immunity and are the cause of dysfunction and dysregulation. Stop playing “God” with injections and the majority of maladies will cease.

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There is no pandemic for the unvaccinated-recovered.

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Irrgang P, et al. Class switch toward noninflammatory, spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination.

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Thanks for this Timely reminder Dr Bossche much appreciated 🙏

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Thank you, Doctor, for all you have and continue to do.

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You predicted this, Doctor, and the culpable will do anything to avoid acknowledging that you were correct in your analyses and prognostications.

I wasted a considerable amount of time reviewing the assertions of one of your most vocal and credentialed detractors. The ad hom and unsupported assertion were dead giveaways.

That's several hours of my life I will never get back, but intellectual integrity demanded the effort.

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Michel de Montaigne, Essays (Book I, “On fear”) (Montaigne 2003) "t is fear that I am most afraid of: In harshness it surpasses all other mischances." The American Pychological Assn says In this essay on fear, Montaigne describes the effect of fear, arguing that there is no one of all the passions that sooner dethrones our judgment form its natural seat. When fear is so violent as to deprive men of all sense, both of duty and honour.

I would like to formally thank all the cowards and normalcy bias entitled twits who brought this mess onto us by their moral and physical cowardice. Or as one woman literally told me, when I warned her about this stuff, said "I know, but I got the shot anyway as I just want to go to Cancun next month. "

Brilliant. And she went. Haven't seen her since. I hope she is ok, but for all I know, she died or is sick.

Appeasement is just hoping the crocodile eats you last said Churchill

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Geert, Japanese researchers recently discovered that Omicron was most likely created in a lab long before its release onto the world. The sequence was even found to have been in Puerto Rico in 2020. This is very confusing because you believe it came about due to the mass vaccination program. Can you please comment on this because I am truly trying to understand all of this. Thank you.

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If what I write below is "mumbo jumbo" then scan your body, if vaccinated, with an Android 5 phone and if your body has a new MAC address, which you can easily discover with your phone using Bluetooth to find MAC addresses around it. If you can't find yours, get someone to scan you with your Android phone.

If your body has a new injected MAC address, then it is broadcasting I am here, I am here, I am here on 5G, to a receiver somewhere and what receives can transmit, but you won't know when your thoughts are not your own, so don't worry about things you cannot change. Be interesting to see how it works at the next election and if those who vote actually have any say over who they vote for, won't it. Better write down who you want to vote for, several weeks before voting (when you mind is not being manipulated) and try to vote for the name of the person or political party, you have written on the piece of paper you have with you.

Perhaps the interest should not be on what is past, but why the synthetic mRNA vaccines and their ultimate purpose, bearing in mind that these vaccines were purchased under a military incentive and not a medical one. The transport of neucelic acids is done inside graphene nanotubes and the vaccines are made up of 95% graphene in each vaccine injection.

Studies from the University Of Almeria in Spain conclude that the vaccines + Graphene + 5G = Brain Control.

NanoGrafi Company (check them out on Google) developed an intranasal Covid vaccine and PCR Tests with nanoparticles which make graphene nanotubes.

At 5G frequencies of 42.6 Hz per second, the 1.2mm nanotubes injected into the vaccines resonate and propagate a high energy signal at the average speed of human thought., the precise nanotube length of 1.2 nanometers of 1.2×10.9m

Since the writer already knew the 5G microwave frequency in the 10 to 300Hz range, she noticed the curious coincidence of how it cancelled out those precise powers of 10 in the well known wave mechanics formula – which presumably, anyone with an engineering background would understand (beyond me however)

The average neuron sends signals at about 180 km/h

When combined, these factors would increase the speed to 432 km/h

Some humans think faster than others so there is a lot of variation.

So with the average thought speed of 180 km/h that is, 180,000 meters over 3,600 seconds: 50 meters per second.

This wave speed of the human brain is achievable for ordinary nanotubes and frequencies radiated by 5G antennas – this is not speculation but science and combined techniques and fits a precise physical formula which is incontestable.

These graphene nanotubes are injected with the vaccines and act on the microwaves emitted by a 5G antenna at the same frequency that human beings think, so through these nano particles, 5G antennas can modify the thoughts of those vaccinated.

Like Robots or Zombies, controlled by 5G Transmissions

Everyone vaccinated now has their own biological computer installed with plug in's. Further vaccines create more biological assemblies in their bodies. Those whose body is not suitable for biological computer modification is exterminated. Although "nothing" has happened yet, with regards to mind control, how would anyonwe know if the thoughts they have are their own or put there by the biological implanted computer connected to their brain by 5G?

My theory is that there are 2 super computers in nuclear proof bunkers in the US which cannot be reached by humankind and they will control the vaccinated by 5G - doubtless Russia and China also have their super computers in nuclear bunkers too, as do all other countries - the computers communicate with each other and will direct humankind to its order, direction and purpose, without any modified human knowing what is happening to them. It has already been done. Nothing else needs to be done. Greed and avarice were the undoing of the human race, by all who contributed to our downfall, for money.

All that remains to be done is to control those which survive long enough, for the computers to fulfil their intentions, whatever they are - "we" are after all units and units can be exterminated to order, or made to complete activities, whose purpose is not our concern, anymore, but tasks the immobile computers can't do themselves.

If whatever I write here is the future - then the vaccinated are all pert of "the machine" now.

Everyone over 50 is obsolete - which is why seniors have been exterminated in nursing homes.

The vaccinated are Genetic Cyborg's they just don't know it yet.

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