The anti-science deadly societal force was the overwhelming tide of propaganda designed to goad people into getting injections. "Nobody is safe until everyone is safe". Can someone please explain the "science" behind that? The science of blocking early treatment? The smearing of HCQ as a dangerous drug? The science behind masking? The science that only considers antibodies as proof of immunity and ignores the remainder of the immune response?? The science behind giving immune compromised people an injection which further weakens their immune system? How about explaining the science behind administering a very dangerous medication as standard hospital protocol and how that drug kills patients? Dr Hotez's book will only seem convincing to the true believers. I hope he is exposed and ridiculed as a fraud as well as a criminal. Much of the public is far smarter than people like him might think.

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Hotez is a born liar who will say anything e.g. "the anti-vaccine movement... [has] the signature of an authoritarian regime". But the classic is "these groups ... say scientists created the COVID virus. I can’t think of a time when we’ve seen that before in US history". I guess that would be correct.

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But Hotez has an autistic daughter, probably damaged by the traditional vaccine.., disgusting.

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This man is crazy. He has a vaccine damaged child. He absolutely denies it. He is just stuck, and I can understand why, it must be very hard to confess your own branch has damaged your child. And of course there is the money. If you love money that much, it must be very hard to bite the hand that puts it in your pocket. Thank you Geert for being honest even though it might hurt you.

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A pathetic laugh when I read the article, another head in the sand comment, when the issues that have been raised by very intelligent knowing people, who have concerns that are based on science, science knowledge and science testing. How do you learn if you do not question, and replicate such science findings, collaboration by many now labeled anti vaxers shows me that we have grown up and opened our eyes to science and the shenanigans that has gone on in the past and continues to this day.

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How do top scientists end up so enamoured by vaccines…all medications must have pros and cons. Immunology is surely a complex network that if one tinkers with one aspect, the repercussions spill over into another. Well…I can’t even explain it myself. ..though I agree with Geert’s understanding & explanations.

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Thank u GVB for standing up and speaking out .

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In the middle ages when the Black Death was the number one killer the Priests ( who were that day's doctors) declared that cats were the cause of the plague. All cats were to be destroy because the "science" said so. Of course this allowed the rat population to explode and thus the Plague as well. So much for the "science". It appears some things in "science" never change. They still figuratively burn people at the stake as heretics. Some things never change.

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That Hotez - an obviously below average intellect - is a "leader" in "vaccinology" never ceases to amaze me. He is a gifted (grifted?) carnival barker.

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All they do is name calling. You might say it is pathetic and belongs in the playground but as far as I can see most adult behaviour does - I don't think we grow up as much as we imagine so maybe it is about time we came up with a new name slur for those who think they are above questioning.

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Hotez is one of the prominent faces of the 1984 styled anti-science movement. Neil Degrasse Tyson is another. They appear to be without conscience, knowingly spreading harmful lies. Scientists/intelligentsia of the caliber of Dr. GVB, Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Stephanie Senneff, Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr Ah Kahn Syed, or even a non-scientist like RFK Jr. would destroy them in a debate and they well know it.

I thoroughly recommend checking out Dr Syed's substack (Arkmedic's blog) and in particular his impressive essay, 5 ways to skin a (genetically modified) cat. It's a wild and unsettling ride. In summary:

5 mechanisms that increase the risk of DNA going into the nucleus of your cells, thus modifying your genome.

1. The Lipid Nanoparticles

2. Linearised plasmid DNA

3. The SV40 enhancer

4. Spike protein nuclear localisation signal

5. Open Reading Frame in the PolyA tail

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Holding Them Accountable:

No one has made a definitive list of what they didn't do.

- What should have been done

- At each and every crucial step

- But was not done.

Everything they didn't do that the scientific method demands.

No one owns that.

It seems like something you could start very small with - and let it build itself.



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....and those shameful people that received the Nobel Peace Prize for their contribution to the nRMA Covid shots are of the same ilk as Hotez

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"the author’s time would be more wisely invested in identifying the current shortcomings in vaccinology, which still remains a very empirical business"


Hotez is an example of someone who still believes in the narrative of the old paradigm. For more information about the power of narratives and paradigm, check out these articles:

Power of Narratives


A Paradigm Shift is Occurring


Vaccines being touted as "safe and effective" is an old narrative that is crumbling and we don't need the establishment to tell us this. They won't. Because to them, they chose to hold the narrative that the emperor has on clothes, even though we can all see the emperor is naked.

It is up to us to learn about the new paradigm and hopefully, educate our friends and loved ones, so they do not get caught in the crumbling of the old paradigm.

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Een pleidooi voor de wetenschap dus? Dit is wat er gebeurt als je kinderen NIET vaccineert

Emeritus professor Brian Hooker presenteerde tijdens een bijeenkomst van de Wereldgezondheidsraad een onderzoek waarin gevaccineerde en ongevaccineerde kinderen in de leeftijd van 6 tot 12 jaar met elkaar werden vergeleken.

Hoofdonderzoeker Anthony R. Mawson van Jackson State University en zijn collega’s deden een opmerkelijke ontdekking. Gevaccineerde kinderen werden significant vaker ziek dan hun ongevaccineerde leeftijdsgenoten, bericht Uncutnews.

Ook opmerkelijk: De studie werd al na een paar dagen van het internet verwijderd.

Dit is wat er gebeurt als je kinderen niet vaccineert: gevaccineerde versus ongevaccineerde gegevens


Mawson stelde vast dat gevaccineerde kinderen een grotere kans hadden om aan neurologische aandoeningen te lijden. Deze omvatten autisme, ADHD en leerstoornissen.

Gevaccineerde kinderen hadden ook meer kans om gediagnosticeerd te worden met longontsteking, middenoorontsteking en allergieën. Gevaccineerde kinderen kregen vaker antibiotica en medicijnen tegen allergieën en koorts, hadden vaker sondevoeding, gingen vaker naar de dokter en werden vaker in het ziekenhuis opgenomen.

De studie werd op 21 november 2016 gepubliceerd en binnen vier dagen 80.000 keer gelezen. Op 28 november werd de studie plotseling stopgezet.

Mawson zei dat het artikel niet was ingetrokken, maar alleen verwijderd. Hij mocht van zijn baas geen commentaar geven op de inhoud van de studie.

Niet afgeschrikt publiceerde hij zijn werk opnieuw in 2017, dit keer in het Journal of Translational Science.

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I hope you do not end up promoting sales of Hotez's book accidentally by linking to it! The guy has been grifting taxpayer money for a fruitless research program for decades, in addition to being wrong about the mRNA injections.

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