From SS Writer Igor Chudov: "Desperate mothers whose kids are hospitalized report this on Twitter. They also complain that WHILE THEIR KIDS ARE BOOSTED, other parents refuse to vaccinate their children. The connection between “my 6-year-old got her Covid booster” and “my 6-year-old is in hospital with RSV” escapes their minds."

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Well, Geert, it sounds like what you’ve been consistently warning us of is now occurring. The train has left the station.

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Geert, you were one of the first experts in relevant fields that I was blessed to discover fairly early in the Covid debacle. It must sadden you to see the damage you warned about manifest. I've prayed a lot, and have been reduced to tears to see it myself.

I've tried in my limited way to warn others, based on information I learned from you, Sucharit Bhakdi and others. Even family members blew me off as a "conspiracy theorist." I've come to the conclusion that God placed some of us here at this time just to witness the nightmare of something we're powerless to stop, and offer comfort where we can.

Heartfelt thanks for your integrity and diligent efforts. God bless you!

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My 14 mo. old granddaughter spent last weekend in the hospital with RSV. She is not vaccinated against CV19. Her parents are not vaccinated (nor are two of her grandparents ;). She does go to daycare (with her mom who is a teacher there) and every child in the baby room contracted RSV. I'd be surprised if all or even most of those babies have been vaxxed as it is not required for attendance and even in my vax-happy state, uptake for babies has been low.

I wonder if the uptick in hospitalizations is due to hyper-testing, CYA treating, etc. When my kids were young (90s) and I called the pediatrician for a respiratory infection, the response was "yeah RSV, (or whatever other V) is going around, extra fluids and tylenol as necessary". I have 4 children so lots of respiratory illness over 10-15 years. Never did one of my kids have their nose swabbed for a viral test. NEVER.

Coincidentally, I read somewhere the other day that there are RSV vaccines in the pipeline. So my mind goes to priming...

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You have to take the entire terrain into account, not just the silo of the so-called "vaccine". The Idiocracy has kept muzzles on children for long hours, day after day after day for almost THREE YEARS. Chronic oxygen deprivation causes brain damage and weakens the innate immune system. Chronic stress and fear also weakens the innate immune system. And the toxic chemicals in the tests, not to mention the trauma of the experience is another contributing factor. These channels have been on surround-sound, constantly playing over and over and over again. Add the so-called "vaccine" and the health consequences are much worse......but even children who haven't been medically raped with needles have drastically compromised health.

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The COVID19 injections destroy hematopoietic stem cells. https://www.cell.com/iscience/fulltext/S2589-0042(22)01816-8

Patients that are Hematopoietic stem cell deficient are more susceptible to RSV infection.


Would the RSV not only be more infectious but also more virulent in patients given the above stem cell deficiencies?

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Hello Dr. Bossche -- we have followed you for a long time, since the early days and once you began to sound alarm bells. We are watching for early warning signs of a population (here in US, in the SE states) that is now prone to sickness -- and one source is this author, here is a recent article with quite alarming charts showing an 'off the charts' early and steep rise in influenza cases:


as an anecdote, we have 3 children all in school (mix b/t college and high school) and their friend groups seem sick almost continually now, and while they are clean, they get sick as a result of their significant exposure to such wide-spread sick friends/surroundings -- anyone else here seeing the same thing?

God bless you Dr. Bossche.


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"In my opinion, the reason for the surge is that vaccinees now serve as an asymptomatic reservoir for RSV and other viral infections."


I understand why immune fixation in the multi-jabbed is causing a higher rate of SARS2 infection and illness.

I understand that the high rates of RSV circulating in the community results in second infections with more serious illness because the full immune response from the first infection has not matured.

I don't understand why/how people who've been multi-jabbed for C19 would be asymptomatic reservoirs for RSV.

Can you explain? Thank you.

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There is no virus.

Children are being poisoned with the new COVID 'vaccines', and that is just one of the (many) side effects.

Stop poisoning children and they will be healthier..

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We live near Seattle, Wa and my girls ages 4 & 6 are not vaccinated, we (their parents) are not C-19 vaccinated. This past year these girls have been sick literally EVERY SINGLE MONTH and its lasting for at least 2 weeks every time, which is unusual for them. Granted, we have been exposed more than we have in the past as well. We homeschool, but starting at the beginning of the year, we go once a week to swim lessons or gymnastics and once a week to a homeschool co-op, that on top of playing with our 6 other neighborhood (fully (c-19) vaccinated) kids. So they are being exposed more than they were in the past but the fact that these illnesses are lasting longer than a week is crazy to me because I have been keeping record of every single time they were sick since they were born and they would be better after 2-3 days, maximum of a week in a couple cases. The good thing so far is that these illnesses, while they are lasting so long, they only knock the kids out for about a day and then the rest of the time they are just congested and coughing but back to their normal selves. Geert mentioned that this mass vaccination campaign would cause all kinds of viruses to come out and I think we are there.

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Thank you so much for continuing your work and helping humanity understand the dynamics of the science and what we should do. Very grateful to you for continuing in the fight.

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It would be good to know if this is happening also in the low vaxed countries.

It is definitely happening in the super vaxed Spain.

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Just a house keeping matter: I twice clicked on the "donate" link and received both times the message "page not found." FYI.

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Thanks GEERT for this article My question: Can anyone positively tell us whether or not the current strain of RSV has been subject to GOFR?

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