Dr. Vanden Bossche - Keep on writing, informing. Few listen to what I pass on, but at some point they will be unsettled enough due to evidence, they will turn the page. I am 72, not vaxxed and have been skeptical of all actions taken - or not taken - since February 2020. So glad I found you....

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Dr. VB: Excellent answer. Either I am getting smarter (I doubt it) or your answers are becoming more accessible to the layman (likely). Thanks for your tireless work in pursuit of truth in public health.

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These numbers stated by the person asking the question are insanely false!

There was NEVER a period where 2.5million children died due to measles in America!

At the peak of the measles pandemic, it killed at most 14 out of 100,000 kids. 14!

That number was charted from the early 1900’s. If we had about 100million ppl living in America at that time, then that means at best, 14,000 children died due to measles, NOT 2.5 million!

The charted data is available at a site called “Physicians for Informed Consent”

Everyone should download and read their info on these diseases and learn the truth. I ask that everyone also please help spread the truth by sharing the PDF’s and teaching others just how badly these propagandists distort the truth in order to promote their poisonous medical products!


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The best way to train the innate arm of the immune system is to allow the virus to pass through the epithelial layer naturally. This allows better training of T-cells and also produces secretory mucosal IgA antibodies that will provide future prevention of infection.

When you inject viruses, you are bypassing that epithelial layer and avoiding necessary exposure to the sentinel cells on the epithelial barrier, specifically natural killer cells, dendritic cells and naive T-cells. True, some of these cells involved in the innate immune response do get exposed by injecting the virus particles, but not with the quantity and quality of a natural exposure. And you do not get the protective secretory IgA response.

And, when you attenuate or weaken viruses in "live" vaccines, you run several risks. First, you cannot reliably control the strengths of these batches. This is due not only to manufacturing, but in the preparation of the product by the technician immediately prior to injection. Some will contain many times more virulent particles and will induce disease symptoms in almost everyone subjected to them. Others are so weak, they do not stimulate a meaningful immune response. Another risk is the presence of toxic adjuvants in the mix that are supposed to overcome the attenuation of the virus particle. Some people can eliminate these toxins quickly, others cannot.

Herd immunity can only be reached when enough of the population has the ability to NOT get infected. Injecting people with live attenuated viruses is "priming" their adaptive immune system to be able to react to the next infection. This procedure does not provide the protection of infection necessary for herd immunity to be attained.

The best way to counteract communicable disease is to promote methods to develop and sustain the innate immune system barrier, preventing the infection from happening. Therefore the ability to replicate and spread copied viruses will stop. Injecting something to create serum antibodies that can only react to infections, never prevent infections, is not the way out of the mess we have allowed ourselves into.

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You are a treasure Gert. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us 💕🙌

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Great information and understandable to a non-scientist like me, but good luck getting any blue hair Karens still masking their children to read that. Good luck getting anyone responsible for authorizing C-19 vaxxines and their mandates to accept that what they’ve done amounts to genocide.

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Congratulations for this one! I can understand it!

And thanks.

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Winston Smith posted an article from a physician in 1899, titled the fallacy of vaccination. It was very insightful.


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Common sense that is so lacking from the start of this saga rears it’s ugly head yet again trying to muddy waters already churned up by media and Pharma and those who bow Dow to the dollar, sanity from Dr GVB is just a rock I need to swim to.

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The use of Live Virus Vaccines are 'Contraindicated' for use in Immunocompromised Immunodeficient Infants, Children and Adults. Because they carry the absolute Risk of causing the very disease they are supposed to prevent in an immunocompromised host after prolonged Replication In Human tissue. As is the case for Measles Virus Vaccine . On PubMed review the already Published, Peer Reviewed Scientific Research Article Entitled " Altered Virulence of Vaccine Strain of Measles Virus After Prolonged Replication In Human Tissue".

This is exactly the reason why all the relevant and available Scientific Literature states Live Vaccines are NOT to be used in 'Immunocompromised Persons'.

Our absolute failure as a Society is we have completely overlooked this Reality. We allowed a very Corrupt System Evolve in which currently nobody can be held directly accountable for any associated direct or accumulative viral / toxic injury. Not the Manufacturer, the Medical personnel tasked with administration, or the Government's that publically endorce and recommend their use.

"SCREENINGB4VACCINES" For Immunocompromised/ Immunodeficiency needs to become an Absolute Global Health Priority to reduce the current incident of accumulative Vaccine associated injury / AUTISM in this generation of infants/children born.

Parent of a Birth Injured and subsequently severely Vaccine Injured child who developed Regressive Autism , Demylinating Neuropathy and SSPE Post MMR Vaccine.

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The fundamental implication in this question is that children would die in large numbers from Covid19 if not for the vaccine. This is absolutely false. It has always been known to be false. The questioner is lying.

The parallel implied between Covid19, measles, and polio is entirely inappropriate. In fact it is blatant deception.

No surprise though. These types of arguments come from people who believe natural gender should be overridden by early medical intervention too. Dispicable is an understatement.

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I'd be interested in a debate:

See The Silent Killers series https://drkevinstillwagon.substack.com/ which is VERY convincing (note - a lot of vaccines target diseases that are generally not very nasty -- yet the side effects definitely are... also the odds of getting the nasty ones - and having a nasty outcome - are actually smaller than the odds of a significant vax injury)

I have not read this but it looks very interesting.... https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/turtles-all-the-way-down-vaccine

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Read: The moth and the iron lung and Crooked. Both well written, almost like detective novels. They put the pieces together on how we got to where we are with immunizations

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Thanks again Dr Bossche outstanding discussion

Let's watch this as a reminder


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