Geert, I was fortunate fairly early in the Covid debacle to have discovered you, Sukarit Bhakdi and Mike Yeadon. You were voices in the wilderness, and such a relief to find, providing scientific knowledge and perspective to validate my gut instinct ...or more definitively, my spiritual discernment, which was all I had at first. Thank you for not being deterred through the onslaught of insanity and deception, and for your efforts to protect the most vulnerable. May God bless you richly.

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Thank you for doing your part to protect the children. I've just started listening to your interview with Del Bigtree and I can't wait to finish it today. You are a gift. May God bless and keep you.

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Thank you so much for being the champions for all of us. It is crucial that your voices are heard!

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Dr. Geert, I wrote up a brief summary post of your Del Bigtree interview and clipped three interview videos.





As I've commented before here on your page, it was your prescient warnings a year ago that helped me immensely in understanding that something very sinister was going on with the mass vaccination rollout.

Thank you, Dr. Geert. I know this must be enormously frustrating for you to sound the alarm and be ignored and derided. You are a hero.

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Blessings to you… children our are future.

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You are a true warrior Geert!

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This makes an Ohio born proud to hear Dr. Rennebohm supporting Dr. Vanden Bossche and lots of researching on his own in better understanding and to heal the rifts and divides that we have all seen as a human species on this planet. Thank you also for Dr. McMillian in his very professional interviewing he does. Thank you for this posting. Keep up the ongoing excellent work and sharing for the masses of being heard.

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Ones who have been vaccinated and have started taking their prophylactic medicines may have a better chance of survival, I am in this group now due to being denied employment unless vaccinated, my self treatment has been going on now for 6 months and I will be having blood tests in the next few weeks to determine how successful I have been, I can post my results should anyone be interested. My early days of understanding the virus was the concern of zoonosis and how that will play out , Thank you Geert for more enlightened understanding of where we are, where we are possibly going. It brings home that all of us need to have things in order in case it pear shapes rapidly.

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Thank you

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Darkhorse podcast #126.

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Thank you! You are a hero!

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God bless you all! I appreciate all you getting the information out. I pray someone will listen and save the children.

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Thank you for THE TRUTH.

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An ‘open letter’

Written in a language

Only scientists can understand.

Only a minuscule number of people will see it.


Lets pretend

Every family in the world

Got this letter.

Even if they did,


It is not translated into every language of the world


Its knowledge is gated linguistically.


Of the native English speakers that got it,

How many could understand the scientifically dense vocabulary ?

A minuscule minority -

Such would be the parents that are also highly educated in science.


Of those English speakers that are parents and scientists,

Are they all going to read

Every word of that vast scientific report

you call and ‘open letter’ ?


The knowledge therein is made available for the minuscule minority of people on the planet.

It is therefore (though open to the public)

A private letter for the minds of an elite of society.


Everyone was born equal and will die equal

So everyone has an equal right to that knowledge.


A pandemic

Is a problem

For ALL the world’s people

Rich, poor, educated, not educated

Scientifically minded, artistically minded

English speaking


speakers of hundreds of different languages.

If you are a scientist

And you have something useful to say

Part of your responsibility

Part of your vocation, role and job

Is to make that knowledge


To as many people as possible.

This document is an epic failure

In that regard.

That is why

I find it darkly ironic that it is called an open letter

When it is

FAR from ‘open’

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