Covid never killed anyone. Secondary bacterial pneumonia killed people. In other words medical negligence killed anyone who died after being diagnosed with covid. The medically negligent medical profession told people stay home til your lips turn blue. And people followed that advice. Their lungs were already infected with bacterial pneumonia.

The covid injections are causing innumerable adverse events and deaths. NOT COVID. If the covid virus was to become more virulent shouldn’t this have happened by now? And since when does a virus kill its prey? Viruses can no longer live if they have nothing to prey on.

Why are you pushing these covid injections and saying they prevent people from suffering severe covid when they do not. Severe covid is simply like a bad cold or flu until it turns into secondary bacterial pneumonia. I would rather advise people to keep ivermectin on hand, take at the earliest sign of covid and use an antibiotic if your lungs become affected. You CANNOT rely on the medical,profession for advice, they have caused thousands to die through medical negligence.

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Geert and Rob are not pushing the vax. The vax has prevented severe disease in some people which is bad for the person overall because it messes up their immune system and their innate immune system isn’t learning how to defeat the virus - just their adapted one. Covid causes more injury than pneumonia - it is a vascular disease and spike can go into the brain and organs as well as the vascular system which can lead to strokes etc….

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Where are your sources on these statements?

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Look Casey don’t get me wrong. I like Geert, have listened to him on numerous interviews, but I can tell you I know a lot of people young and old who,had covid prevaxx, and I do not know one person who died from covid. Now maybe you do, but I don’t. I follow Drs. Harvey Risch, Peter McCullough, Jessica Rose, Claire Craig, Aseem Malhotra, data analyst Joel Smalley, and dozens of other experts. They are ALL asking these covid injections be stopped because they are INEFFECTIVE and UNSAFE. It does not get much clearer than that in my book. I also know too many people suffering from adverse events, post vaxx that include a fib, heart attacks, autoimmune hepatitis, blood clots, vertigo, pots, turbo cancers, sepsis to name a few. But hey, if you or anyone else chooses to take covid boosters repetitively, that is your choice.

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Oh I agree 100%

I know no one that died . I do know after vax death and adverse reactions.

I just like to ask sources when people go on about it.

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"This virulent variant will not survive long, however. It will cause a severe “storm,” then die out relatively quickly, because it will quickly run out of accessible, susceptible hosts" - Hmmm.

Most of the western world has 90% of the population shot up. Some have nobody left to inject (Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Chile, New Zealand, Australia). Some held out better (USA, Switzerland, Austria) but overall the west looks about 90% vulnerable.

I don't see it dying out quickly as it will take a long time to infect 90% of the population. Those who took the injections may get sick several times before they succumb. Without a functioning immune system they will not develop immunity.

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Thank you for posting this. I am following Geert and learning from him but am very confused as to why Japanese researchers found Omicron in 2020 in Peurto Rico I believe. They and others are saying it was a release of pre-made variants. If that were the case, then the mass vaccination wouldn’t have helped create the Omicron variants. If anyone can help me understand this better, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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My personal conclusions about COVID are that different scientists get different results and make different conclusions about their results. The scientists receiving the most money for their studies are the loudest promoters that their conclusions are the correct conclusions. (As a lay person, I’m more concerned about where their money comes from and how it affects their studies.) However, science is not a game show and I’ve concluded there is no FINAL ANSWER.

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I have the same questions about the newer information that the variants have been created and released at different times during this scamdemic. I wonder if the 2 different ideas can be joined together and yes they are releasing variants, but also Geert's predictions will still come true because of the mass vaccination during a hot epidemic with a non sterilizing 'vaccine' that puts pressure on the virus?

Spain and a few other countries found the virus in their waste back in September and then there was that weird pneumonia in early 2019 that was blamed on vaping. A trial run? Will we ever find the truth about this timeline?

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I would just like to point out that all that Dr. Vanden Bossche has been saying is completely valid for coronavirus, or the common cold.

I repeat, there doesn't need to be a 'Covid' coronavirus for all of Dr. Vanden Bossche's assertions to be correct.

Accurately, the common cold itself has been put under tremendous suboptimal 'vaccine' pressure to naturally select for infectious and virulent variants that will target the vaccinees who have sidestepped naturally acquired immunity for variants of the common cold.

In other words, because of fear, the lack of faith, obedience and relationship with God, and because of the resulting spiritual blindness, we have made a molehill into a mountain and the common cold into a monster. But only a monster to those who have been deceived by demonically controlled people and swallowed up in fear and lack of faith and trust in God. "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned—every one—to his own way" Isaiah 53:6

The answer: Give our lives back to God and take hold of the ransom Jesus made of his life to release us from Satan's grip and legalistic claims on us for dealings we made with him.

Letter previously written to Dr. Vanden Bossche:

Hello Dr. Vanden Bossche,

I have been following your great work from the beginning and as well purchased your excellent book.

I would like to make the comment and observation that all of your research and observations are valid for the common coronavirus (cold) whether or not CV19 exists or not. The fact is that there has never been a vaccination of the world's population for ANY coronavirus much less during a coronavirus pandemic. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it makes little difference whether or not CV19 existed or not, the result that you predicted would have happened, and in my estimation did happen. You could almost title your work, "How to create a cold virus pandemic of the vaccinated". Effectively what they did, was to force the selection of a highly infectious and highly virulent coronavirus to the vaccinees. The notion that the non-existence of CV19 is incompatible with your work, is nonsense.

Thank you so much for your untiring work and dedication Dr. Vanden Bossche

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"To date, the immune systems of highly COVID-19 vaccinated individuals have been protecting vaccinees from severe disease..." ?

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Good question.

Is this a scientifically proven fact ?

Is it even a provable fact ?

I’d love to have some evidence as it seems to be the fall back position by those who lined up for the inoculation.

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Sep 19, 2023·edited Sep 19, 2023

I think that the evidence is overwhelming that the present mRNA vaxxx have not been and do not protect anyone other than rich psychopaths who are probably injected with saline.

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My sentiments exactly.

Thank you for clarifying TnDoc !

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Your work, Geert, is immensely appreciated. Thank you for your integrity and stance.

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Thanks for sharing this important information Dr Bossche much appreciated and a timely discussion

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My simple thought:

A)study what is in the shot ( vaccine) , no? Give us a precise list of the ingredients and then unpack each ingredient according to its effect on the immune system/ response/ function.

B) conduct a LARGE study of the blood of vaccinated and unvaccinated over at least a year and tell us what you see.

These concrete, practical studies will be more understandable. The damage is done and keeps happening, we can’t stop that seemingly. And reading all these pretty hard to hold it together science based stuff is more scary than soothing.

At this point people are wary and just want to know what happened, what’s really in my blood and what can I do about it.

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The shots do far more harm than good. The vulnerable are made more vulnerable after the temporary ‘protection’ they get. The less vulnerable don’t need it — all risk and no upside.

Instead of calling it “Long COVID” call it “Spike Protein Disease” (and add “Vaccine-induced Spike Protein Disease” when we know it was brought on by excess vaccination). Don’t let them attribute a chronic autoimmune disease — that was caused by their fake virus and subsequent vaccine — to the fake virus. It’s caused overwhelmingly by the toxic deadly bioweapons, otherwise known as the mRNA “vaccine”.

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With great respect, Dr. GVB, I think it is time for you to call ‘foul’ on this gross, reckless mass experiment on the human population. We know more than we need to know. I appreciate your scientific scholarship but the details are clouding the bottom line: end this and end this now. Don’t (as we say in the US) bury the lede.

God bless you and all the brave souls who are fighting the good fight.

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Is GVB aware of the recent work done in Japan which proves that the on going variants of COVID-19 have not evolved but infact are all engineered just as the original strain was as a part of the bio-weapon trials done by the US military. What we need to determine is how the military achieves the release of the new strains - is it included in the ongoing injection programmes or is there some other more direct person to person method.

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this is all very interesting. thank you Dr VD Bossche

I do not know any percentages but here are the things I do know

Two oldsters on my street (6 houses!) had strokes post #4 booster vax - like 4 hours after

I was forced to get the two first pfizers bc the place my 98 year old dad lives required it.

I have never tested positive for covid, but I have only taken 3 tests over the past years.

My hubbs was forced to get the first two moderna to have Open Heart surgery.

My sister is fully vaxxed and a Fauci worshiper. She worked at NIH and was totally into the hysteria.

She has developed many many auto immune problems, has had infections on her cornea, herpes infection of her eye, she had shingles twice, and developed HBP

She is taking all kinds of DMARDS and those are wrecking her immunity as well

Me: after the second shot, I was ill. ringing ears vertigo fever and my body was completely locked up. The first symptoms subsided but the joint pain is ever present. I have been suffering the RA now for two years/since I got the second vax.

I am on prednisone 5 mg daily. I can move around. However, my dad died in June (age 99.5) and I spent two solid months going through his stuff, moving big boxes, packing stuff etc. Gave myself sacro ilitis very baaaad, I got the cortisone shot into my sacrum, deep injection. Felt better in two days sort of, but the right side instantly developed the same problem. Now I am waiting for the next shot. . I am growing super tired of this dramatic life. It sucks

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Geert, did you see this article in the Atlantic? It says the mRNA vax cures feline FIP. That's your area of expertise. Is this nonsense or a miracle drug for kitties?


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Dr. Bossche, will people who received one Chinese variant vaccine (e.g., Sinovac) and one vector vaccine (e.g., Astrazeneca) weather the storm? Most Thai people fall under this category.

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Ring of The Whirlwind coming to a head. The caterpilliar species doesn't know it's in the muck soup, yet in becoming a butterfly. Cellular Biology mutating a new species.

Perhaps we are birthing a new Epoch.

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