What we need to do is to distill everything down to simple words that the mass population can understand and then maybe they’ll recognize that they are being subject to be in lab rats for RNA injections!

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That hasn't been effective in my circles. It's inconceivable to many people that the medical industry isn't really interested in promoting health. Until they can wrap their minds around that, they can't see what's happening.

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agree. Most people are lemmings because they are not knowledgeable in medical discussions. Just like other entities, they prefer us to be ignorant and not question.

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Health professionals who should understand this don't, so the rest of the population have little hope - they trust the health professionals.

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En pointe. How scary it is to realise we have to rely on health professionals who “don’t think” or lack the curiosity to challenge ideas and seek evidence. So they accept guidelines.. meds (!)... treatments and suggest them to us.

The risk is that more people get silenced if they realise (as I have), that to express the true reason for moments of panic, anxiety, risks being given the label of “delusional”...”psychotic”...

To realise people we need and rely on are not to be trusted because of their blindness is quite terrifying.

How cunning those at the top have been to create this army of complicit lemmings.

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I had this same thought while reading this. I used to be an intelligence analyst for the Air Force. We always built our products so that everyone could use and understand them. The average person, who’s been conditioned to blindly follow, will not be able to read this article and understand what it’s saying. Yet, they’re the ones who need this information the most.

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Do you mean like Airman Teixiera, busted earlier this year, so the media would have us believe, revealing classified information, including of types that longstanding security protocols would make most unlikely for a weekend reservist to have access to? 🤣

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I also think that with an article written in laymen’s terms, there’s a possibility it would be met with cognitive dissonance. The movement needs an article or book depicting the tactics, techniques, and procedures that the establishment uses to achieve the goal of mass vaccination (or any other behavior that’s destructive to the population or society in general). It would have to be written in a way that the reader could witness the TTP’s in action. If the public became aware of the manipulation, they’d be less likely to fall victim to what’s happening.

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Yep boots on the ground!

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Thank you! By the numbers medicine based on manipulated medical research that has been massaged by medical statisticians for profit and not good health!

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autoimmune flare ups can cause neurological symptoms. lots of people going cuckoo for cocoa puffs lately.

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Today another friend admitted she has tachycardia, and loss of energy and new onset of all over joint pain. She took four or more covid injections, she eagerly participated in a study that included swabs and antibody testing.

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It gets more ominous now...


Fast Eddy

2 hrs ago

This is the smoking gun that confirms that mass murder was carried out for the purpose of frightening people into injecting the covid 'vaccines'... as we can see - the deaths were caused by Midazolam -- https://theviraldelusion.substack.com/p/the-great-lie-and-the-data-that-shows/

This establishes malicious intent.

Concurrent infections of cells by two pathogens can enable a reactivation of the first pathogen and the second pathogen's accelerated T-cell exhaustion


IgG4, on the other hand, responds to allergens. If you get stung by a bee for example, your body might react with IgG3 or other antibodies and cause you to have an allergic reaction. To avoid this, your body learns how to recognise relatively insignificant foreign objects by switching to IgG4. Instead of increased inflammation to fight the foreign object, your immune system recognises that this is nothing major. Long term exposure, for example in bee keepers, produces this response. Immunotherapy also works this way by training your body with the foreign object you are allergic to until it is trained to produce an IgG4 response.


So what would happen to the Vaxxers if a lab-made pathogen was released that was designed to exploit the above situation as well as what you have discussed in the presentation?

Would it be possible to spread such a pathogen and severely sicken/kill most if not all Vaxxers due to their damaged immunity?


Dr. Kevin Stillwagon

58 mins ago


Yes it is possible. There are elites among us that think the world is overpopulated. The easiest way to reduce that population is to convince people to willingly inject something that they think will protect them, but it does the opposite. And the elites get richer doing it.

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Dr Stillwagon summary is very good.

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Aug 24, 2023·edited Aug 24, 2023

From the article:

'Knowing what we already know, it is a travesty that such large swathes of the public still have confidence in covid-19 vaccines, the vehemence of this position in the public’s mind reflecting the power of the machine driving the agenda.'

Why after getting jabbed 4 times or more and then still getting infected 4-5 times does anyone still believe that the jabs are what is going to end the pandemic? If they haven’t ended it after 3 years and another round is coming then why in the blue blazes aren’t people waking up to the scam?

Most of the information in the article was what Geert was warning about before the jabs came out. You do not vaccinate during a hot epidemic! And what’s even more damning about the jabs is that the number of infections were going down just before everyone started getting jabbed. You can see that on the graphs. Good chance that this epidemic would have ended years ago if the jabs hadn’t been given.

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Apparently the answer to this is a definite yes. Lots of people here are just getting over another bout of Covid and yet they are eagerly awaiting the newest jabs coming out next month.


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Thank u GVB.... The government still approves the jabs , they are not stupid or misinformed, this only means one thing ... purposeful depopulation.

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Even worse, universities are requiring that students get the booster shots! Check out Rutgers C19 policy as an example.

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Yes , my nephew is there 🤬🤯

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I am sorry that he has to deal with the insanity !

Three of my kids are in three different universities and I have been so worried about any mandates. Fortunately none of those required the shots up until now but I am still worried.

My fourth child is in high school and we all agreed that if the high school was to require those shots then we would be homeschooling. So far they haven’t said anything…🙏

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I have one child entering a 2 year college next fall. I called over summer, and they said they have no shot mandates. That may have changed, so I may check again.

In two years, if a miracle happens and my child buckles down and actually does college work, he is expected to go to a 4 year college Well I called that college. They said you can easily write a letter requesting an exemption. The lady on the phone said she had never seen an exemption turned down.

I also think, in court, religious exemptions are being held up more and more.

So maybe even if you child's college has a mandate, they can get an exemption.

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The Good News Is:

We Are Not Fighting To Save Anyone - Any More.

We Were Fighting To Save People From The Shots.

We Don't Have To Do That Any More.

We Saved More Than We Needed To. We Saved Plenty.

Now We Are All Fighting Against Those Dumb Enough

To Have Believed The Lie:

The Dead - The Dumb- And The Suffering -

Are Now The Enemies Of The Majority.

So - Keep Beating The Living Shit Out Of Them.

'Like Your Intuition Tells You To.

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No. Just no. If you value life, you value life. Plain and simple. You don’t make judgements on who should live and who should die. That is one and the same as those that are behind the manipulation of the virus and the shots, that have killed millions.

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Perhaps Thomas means it metaphorically, more like an angry poem.. as I read..😊

The masses believe in the most severe lies and if necessary at the cost of the lives of others who see through it.

I get that anger..

Yes, how stupid are they, to join the MSM crowd, by throwing their most loyal friends/family under the bus?! For reason they warned them, and also collectively warned them..

Thats shocking dangerous.

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Michelle, Thomas used to respond to Dr. Malone's SS and he was just as vile and hateful as now, only worse.

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You are nasty!

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I remember and was appalled.

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I used claude.ai to automatically summarize Geert's “Immunological correlates of vaccine breakthrough infections caused by SARS-CoV-2 variants in highly C-19 vaccinated populations”

I don't know if it is accurate.

Here is a summary of the key points from the article:

1.Steric immune refocusing (SIR) is a major game changer in the COVID-19 pandemic. SIR enables the host immune system to redirect its response to more conserved, less immunogenic spike protein epitopes after vaccine-induced antibodies lose neutralizing capacity against immune escape variants like Omicron. This results in delayed maturation of low affinity, broadly neutralizing antibodies into IgG4 antibodies, promoting further immune escape.

2. SIR-enabling vaccine breakthrough infections (VBTIs) drive viral immune escape while enabling cross-reactivity with unrelated antigens. Prolonged immune refocusing can lead to antibodies that recognize 'self' antigens, causing autoimmunity, or 'altered self' antigens on cancer cells, enabling immune evasion by tumors.

3. Elevated IgG4 antibody levels link enhanced viral immune escape to increased rates of cancer and autoimmune disease in highly vaccinated populations via SIR. SIR-disabling VBTIs with highly infectious variants cause generalized immune suppression, leading to cancer reactivation and flare-ups of chronic infections.

4.The likelihood of vaccinees developing immune pathology after VBTIs is primarily determined by time elapsed since initial SIR events, not individual risk factors. More SIR events over time raise probability of pathogenic antibodies.

5. Viral immune escape is driven by evolutionary pressure to establish herd immunity and protect the human species, not viral survival strategy. Frequent SIR-enabling VBTIs slow viral evolution until innate immunity can control variants.

6. mRNA vaccines raise IgG4 levels when given before natural infection, promoting SIR and immune escape. Immune protection from natural infection is superior to current COVID vaccines.

7. In conclusion, increasing IgG4 antibody levels link enhanced viral immune escape to non-COVID morbidity/mortality. This signals impending risk of healthcare crisis in highly vaccinated populations as virus evolves resistance to population immunity.

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Dr. Vanden Bossche and fellow subscribers — this is a little off topic and quite long and detailed but urge you to have a look.


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My SIL's mom was just diagnosed with an immunological disease. Of course, her mom is quadruple jabbed.

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Keep banging the drum!

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